Jan 31

January 31 Update – Go Away Warm & Rain!

Well, if you did not get your riding in the past few days, you may have to wait.  It looks like it could get into the 40′s today in Gaylord.  The best we can hope for is no rain.  Tomorrow it starts to cool off again, if you can call low 30′s “cool”.

The trail is very nice right now, let’s just hope it holds up!

Sled Count estimate for Monday, January 30th: 30

Jan 29

January 29th Weekend Review

Hi All,

Well, if you were here, or are here now, you know of the awesome snow we got in Gaylord Saturday and Sunday!  Probably a foot or more of nice new fluff!  On the depth gage, we are at about a foot and a half.  It is supposed to be 40 degrees and rainy on Tuesday.  We sure don’t need that!  If you want to ride, you might consider coming up for a ride on Monday.

Saturday January 28 sled count estimate: 350

Jan 28

January 28 Update

The trail has held up through the warm spell. If temperatures stay in the 20′s this weekend the riding will be okay. Come get your riding in. You never know with this crazy winter if this will be the last riding weekend!

Friday January 27 sled count estimate: 125

Jan 27

January 27th Update

We have had a decent number of sleds during the week.  The weekend is here and the trail is not perfect, but it is rideable.  At least today looks to be the warmest & cruddiest day.  Tomorrow and Sunday look like snow and cold.

Busy week, no idea on a good estimate for sleds during the week.  Sorry!  Will take a look tomorrow to see how many went past today.

Jan 25

January 25 Update – Snow is back! :)

Wow!  What an up and down winter for snow!  In less than 4 days time we went from perfect, to dirt back to decent!  The groomer made a north and south pass last night so that shows there is plenty of snow to ride on.  It might not be like a normal winter, but at least we can ride.

Sled Count Estimate from Tuesday, January 24: 25

Jan 23

Update 23 Jan – Rain

We had a lot of rain last night and today with an thunderstorm at 4am not what we expect in January.  We might get 2 inches of snow tonight and a little more tomorrow.  Not all of the snow is gone from the trail but a lot did melt, with the new stuff it should be ride able.

As you can see in the pictures no sleds today only a couple of kids.  Mine of course on their third snow/ice day in a row.

Jan 22

January 22 – WOW! Can you say Sleds!!!!

Tons of sleds yesterday!  At least 575 based on picture count.  Probably more.  I had the camera on for a bit yesterday in the afternoon and you would have thought it was I-75.  Sweet!  And the best part is the trail was holding up great!  No shadows from the rippling effect that I could see.  The groomers are doing a great job!  Thank you!

As Joe said, it is going to warm up the next two days, then cool down again and more snow.  The trail should hold up well until it cools again.

Jan 21

Update 21 Jan

I was out riding today and it was great, nice new snow, temperature about 20 f and no wind what more could you ask for.  The trail was holding up good for all the traffic on it.  We might get some rain/snow on Sunday or Monday then back to snow on Tuesday.

Jan 21

January 21st Update – Come Ride, It’s Perfect

Pretty much perfect riding today.  Couldn’t ask for more.  Hope you are up riding!  Wish I could be out riding this weekend.

Sled Count estimate for Friday, January 20th: 150

We are getting so many pictures of sleds going by it blows up the images function.  For now, we will have to only show the last couple of days when it is a heavy traffic weekend.  We have most of the pictures if you are looking for a particular one.  Just let us know date & time.