Click around the image, and use the mouse wheel to pan/tilt and zoom in/out.  Will work in IE natively once you accept the plugins. Video will also work in Google Chrome if you add the extension “ActiveX for Chrome” in the Google Chrome store (just Google “ActiveX for Chrome” and the first option should be the link to the extension in the Chrome store)

[iframe 640 500]

43 thoughts on “Webcam

  1. I don’t get to see my dad often in the winter, he loves to stop at your cam, call me, wave and chat. Thanks so much for sharing :)

  2. Lou and Billy…………unless I am mistaken….Brian has put up this GREAT webcam that gives us a live feed on his own…..there are no ads on this page or website that pays for any of this….he does this so all of us can enjoy what he sees everyday… please consider this when leaving comments on here…..Brian, I cannot thank you enough for having this site… it takes us about 5 to 6 hours to drive to Gaylord, this always gives us the green or red light to come up….thanks again!!!!!!!!!

    • No worries! I actually was trying to figure out why the internet was going up and down and had the sound off. Not the issue since we still have the problem! Sound is back on.

        • Hi Mike, are you using Internet Explorer or Google Chrome? IE seems to be best, but Google Chrome does work. The sound seems to take a bit to come on, sometimes 30-60 seconds. Please post again if you are using IE or Chrome, and if the sound does not come on after 60 seconds. Also, if there is not enough sound, the mic may not pick anything. Typically if it is windy enough, you can hear that however. Just to make sure, if you are on when a snowmobile goes by, you should hear it for sure.

    • Hi billy. It has been up and down the past 1.5 weeks. Possibly an internet connection issue. We hope to diagnose and resolve during the Christmas season.

      • Brian if you are the host for this camera I want to thank you. I often open this camera and watch people go by wishing it was me. i have a group of 10 from NW Indiana coming up in a few days.. Pre xmas riding!! Im sure we will stop by. Its one of the only real time videos out there. thanks again!!

    • Can’t wait to come play in all the new snow. Checked the snowman cam by our house to see if there really was 17 inches. Hope the neighbor plows. See you on Christmas Day Brian!

      • SS #5,
        We got 17 inches and a lot more. I have had to plow everyday for the last 2 weeks but it looks like none tonight and 3-4 inches by Friday morning. Should be a great weekend to ride.

  3. I love the camera and watching the snow falling……wish we lived closer so we could enjoy it more!!!!!!!

  4. It sure has been busy this weekend – everyone is having fun on the sleds. I like to be able to hear them go by and also see the temperature to boot.

  5. Thanks for the awsome web cam!!! While up snowmobiling my family was able to see me and my friends when we stopped by this site. Thanks for keeping it running and think more snow!!

    • Thanks for stopping by, we always like that. Sometimes if I see people out by the camera I go out and talk to them. It is always interesting to see where they came from. Joe

  6. This is a great site!

    Last night I saw my son and daughter-in-law as they stopped by on their ride to wave.
    So far away yet so near.

  7. We live about 6 hours away…..always check the web cam before making the drive up… it and great job……THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

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