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34 thoughts on “Camera

  1. I can’t ride this year and your cam has allowed me ‘to be out there’ when my loved ones fly by. AWESOME CAM!! You have done a great job!!! Love the sound!!

  2. Awesome cam! Great location too which is rare . It’s hilarious when people know the camera is there, and they make all kinds of gestures driving past….Including myself.

      1. thank you so much for keeping this going… it is nice to sit and watch it and imagine being there when you cant be…. lol thank you

        1. I agree! Some people look at me oddly when I show them the camera. They say “so that’s it?” They just don’t get it and probably never will. #snowmobileblood

  3. Please let me know when “steve” is on the trails. I will stay home. Drinking and driving isn’t acceptable in our society. Ride all day have fun and drink when your sled is parked for the night. Love the open mic with the cam.

  4. What kind of rules or Laws are they on trails about drinking etc.? Also what kind of emergency help like rescue squads on snowmobiles in case a ” serious” accident would occur are you required to have a registration so that you would be known that your out on a trail and check out when done using?

    1. Hi Steve. Many of the rules are the same as for cars. The blood alcohol limit is the same. If you cannot drive a car, you are not allowed to drive a snowmobile. In terms of help on the trails, there is not a system to know who is out on the trail and where. Typically it is not advised to snowmobile alone for this reason. It is always best to have a riding buddy! And who wouldn’t want to go riding!? 🙂

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