Trail 7, North of Gaylord

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348 thoughts on “Trail 7, North of Gaylord

  1. Sherry

    This site has always brought me back home …watching the snow. I hope its not down for tooo long. Its fun to watch in the summer also.

  2. Eric

    Is the cam down for the season?

  3. Must be you shut down for season. Thanks

  4. How are the trail conditions

  5. How are the trail conditions

  6. Are the trail conditions good

  7. Chris

    I leave this up for hours while at work during the week. Love this cam!

  8. Is this an atv trail in the summer?

    • Jay

      No, rail to trail walking and biking only

    • nick

      no atvs

  9. Jason G.

    Thanks for having the camera up again this year. It’s a huge help in deciding to drive 5+ hours.

  10. VJ Amore

    Who is going to the Gaylord area to ride??
    It’s been snowing for a long time

    • Wildman 1

      on way

  11. dirty ernie

    hopefully get 1 more weekend ride in ehhhh???????????????????????

  12. J.C.

    looks like its almost time to braaaapppp!!!!!

  13. Looks like we’re in for a snow storm

    • Wildman 1

      yes we r

  14. Matt

    gonna be enough to ride this weekend?

    • Brian

      I’m hoping to have enough snow as well to come up and ride but no one has given me a direct answer

    • Kelly

      That’s what I’m wondering. Looks fluffy…

    • Jason

      Should be, they say Waters got 12″ already and the northern corner like Cheboygan, Rogers City is supposed to get hit pretty good tonight. It wont be great cause it is not set up, but hopefully there wont be a lot of traffic to beat them up.

  15. Thanks for the camera
    So sad about our snowmobile season

    • switty

      Thanks for checking in Don. Yes, not a good season at all. It might as well be spring soon!

      • Brian Carruthers

        Really appreciate you providing the camera – you’re providing a great service to us all – thanks!!!

  16. Sherry

    I’ve been clicking on to see the beautiful northern lights in the sky at night ….im sure the snow will be back

    • switty

      Hi Sherry. The camera is actually facing Southwest, so this won’t show the Northern Lights. But, that is a great idea to point the camera to the north once Snowmobile season is over! πŸ™‚

  17. Mark

    So sad to see the snow gone again

    • switty

      Yes, might as well get spring here soon!

  18. VJ Amore

    Not again..
    Bare trail.

    • Wildman 1

      any snow in the 4 cast ?

      • switty

        Not looking good

    • Charlie

      Bare trails already ?

      • switty

        Pretty thin

    • chuck

      So is there enough snow to ride this weekend?

      • switty

        Technically yes, but…

  19. VJ Amore

    Rode Wednesday Thursday trails were great. Gaylord, wolverine, Vanderbilt, lakes of the north…

    Went home Thursday night. Came back up Friday thru Monday… .everybody said trails we’re mostly good.
    Sunday there was a small snow 2 inches.

    A few fresh inches before the weekend would help..

  20. Charles

    How are the trails looking for this weekend?

    • switty

      Sorry! Just saw this! They were great! Looks good for a while.

    • Sherry

      Saturday everyone was riding on the trail it was great to watch from south Florida…

  21. Philip Thorrez

    12″ since Thursday! Really??! NOAA says much less than that. Can anyone confirm 12″?

    • Philip Thorrez

      I just re-looked at NOAA – ya, they say 10-12″ since Thursday. I apologize for the doubt.
      Keep it coming!!! Be there soon!

      • switty

        All good! Have fun sledding!

  22. Mike L

    Just saw a groomer go by!! That’s good news!

    • switty


  23. Will they groom this??

    • switty

      I doubt it yet. It’s pretty lightweight snow.

      • Beth

        Where is this webcam located exactly?

        • switty

          3.5 miles north of Gaylord on Trail #7.

    • Jim

      Rode by the camera at about 5 pm and the groomer was behind me

      • switty


  24. VJ Amore

    Will be good for first 10 guys..

    More snow please

    • switty

      Yep probably. Hoping for more snow. The good news is it is going to stay cold so what we have we should be able to keep.

      • Chip

        Hey I know that bridge in the picture, used to play there when we were kids. How’s mom and dad doing?

        • switty

          I wonder how much longer they will keep the bridge up. No need anymore really. Could make it another tunnel.

    • nick

      nice pics switty. heading south to gaylord huh?

      • switty

        Thanks! We went up and down the trail from Fairview to Whitmarsh. Kids got cold. It was -4 at that time.

    • nick

      Thats what i like about your you tube. i rewound it and watched you come in with your doo. Looks like your boy is ready for a thundercat…lol

      • switty

        Ha! Just getting him started. Smallest we have though is a 440 and he is only 8!

  25. Crtimmons

    Keep coming!

    • switty

      4″ at least yesterday! It all helps! I would ride under these conditions although I would not go too far from Gaylord. I drove to Sault St. Marie yesterday via car. The new snow went up to Indian River.

  26. Matt

    does Gaylord have much snow in march? I won’t be able to get up there until then. Thanks and btw the trail cam is pretty cool

    • switty

      Thanks Matt. Yes, we can get lots in March. It just depends. Gaylord gets 140″ on average in a year.

  27. Forest

    How much is there now hard to tell on the measuring stick

    • switty

      Just a few inches. Enough technically to ride, but all of our underlying snow is ICE!

      • Forest

        Looks like its snowing pretty good there. Are you supposed to get a good amount.

  28. How much snow do you think there is ??

    • switty

      Just a few inches. My 4 year old thinks there is PLENTY to ride. Ha!

  29. George

    Yes!!! Finally….

    • switty

      It’s a start! Thanks for checking in!

  30. VJ Amore

    The weeds are higher than the snow.

    • switty
    • is it worth heading up from ohio no snow here!!!!!!!all melted

      • switty

        Not unless we get lots of new snow.

      • switty

        I am going for a quick ride this morning and will post an update. It’s looking better!

    • How is the forecast looking

      • switty

        Cold but no snow on the horizon.

    • Shawn Coutz

      Need snow bad want to go riding

      • switty

        For sure! Thanks for checking the camera.

        • Brian

          Really appreciate the webcam – thank you! How do you think it’s looking for this weekend?

          • switty

            You could ride, but it won’t be pleasant. There is ice EVERYWHERE. If you need to ride the roads, they are unfortunately dry.

          • switty

            We’ve been getting consistent snow. The weekend outlook is looking better!

          • Brian

            Thanks for the update! If there is anyway you could give an assessment on how things are looking early to mid-day tomorrow it would be greatly appreciated (before heading up from Ohio).

          • switty

            I can head out for a ride this morning. I would ride around Gaylord, albeit it won’t be the best. But, it won’t damage the sleds. We got at least 4″ new yesterday and maybe more. I can’t say the groomers would be out.

          • switty

            Hi Brian. I went for a ride with the kids. You can ride. It is mostly fluffy snow 4-6″. The roads are snow covered and have an ice base. See the pictures I just uploaded to the page.

          • Brian

            Thanks for the insight – we’re on our way up!

  31. How much snow do you think there is??

    • switty

      3-4″ new snow. Not great riding, but you could.

  32. switty

    The sleet turned to a fine snow this morning. Here’s hoping! πŸ™‚

  33. Is there is supposed to be a winter snow storm ??

  34. Jason Sheffer

    Is the Trail ok to ride ? If i run ice scratchers ? it looks like it is groomed.

    • switty

      No, I would not ride right now.

  35. Snow on Monday and Tuesday

    • switty

      Let’s hope so!

  36. Rick

    Switty, sorry for the auto correct.

    • switty

      We all love auto “correct” don’t we!?!?! πŸ™‚ All good!

  37. Rick

    Dirty, thanks for the camera, looks like next storm will miss also.

    • switty

      Yuck! We had such a great December, and pretty much NO January snow!

  38. VJ Amore

    This January stinks.

    • switty

      That’s for sure! After an awesome December, why this?!?!?!

  39. Rick

    Where is the snow????

    • switty

      It’s not looking good for the moment, that’s for sure. Thanks for checking in.

  40. Saunders

    We are headed up to ride on Saturday (1/20). Hopefully the trails will be open.

    • switty

      We got about 4″ today, so at least the slides will be lubed!

      • Todd

        This is good news. I am planning on the following weekend

        • switty

          Let’s hope it keeps coming! πŸ™‚

  41. Ed

    Thank you, appreciate the info!!!

    • switty

      Thanks for checking in!

  42. Thanks for the web cam! I don’t snowmobile, but have a cottage up there and like to snowshoe in the winter. Gives me a good idea if it is worth the trip.

    • switty

      Thanks for checking out the camera!

  43. Dave

    Checked out the camera you have more snow then me in Ontario. I hope you get more snow soon. I will need to come there to sled.

    • switty

      Thanks! We had LOTS more before last week’s thaw. Now just need to wait again.

  44. How much snow do you think there is

    • switty

      Not much. Technically you could ride on the edges of the trail, but only if you were getting to more snow. I would not ride. More snow is coming. (Not a weather forecast, just faith…)

  45. Elkhunter_66 is always looking for new webcams to share on his site.

    I think you would get alot more traffic if you shared this cam there in the “Northwoods Cam Network” section. Any cams that used to be around Gaylord are either no longer or not current. I found this by accident on youtube and will use it more in the future. The two closest cams that are worth anything are in Indian River or over in Mancelona. Waters cam (near The Keg) used to be good, now its worthless!

    Great location, clear picture…..Thank you for sharing!

    • Elkhunter_66

      Sorry, I just realized that if you scroll down, you are already there. Well done!

      You may want to ask John to bump you up to the top so you get more views. I’m sure there are many others like me that see the old frozen cam then move on to the others!

      • switty

        Thanks! He just contacted me last week. “Great minds…” Right?!

  46. VJ Amore

    We need a serious storm ASAP…

    • switty

      For sure!

  47. Scott

    What a awesome idea hope you guys get your snow back as well great place to snow mobile and stay

    • switty

      Yes! We hope to get snow soon! Thanks for checking in!

  48. I plan to share this Webcam on several of our Black Diamond Broadcasting radio station websites
    Today, I’ll begin with 98.5UPS Classic Hits at

    • switty


  49. Great Cam shot! Thank god I got a set of those Carbide Savers!!!!

    • switty

      Thanks! Yes, those carbide savers are surely needed!

  50. I just found your camera. It’s the best in the state.
    I was about to get my snowmobiles out of storage but I guess there is no reason now.

    • switty

      Grant, don’t fret! We will have plenty more snow soon I am sure! Gaylord gets 140″ on average, so this blip won’t last long! Thanks for the nice compliment on the camera.

  51. 3 sleds just went by a bit ago there’s just mud lol

    • switty


  52. VJ Amore

    It melted FAST…..

    • switty

      Yeah…. Ughhh.. Time to pray for more snow! It’s all gone.

  53. Bill

    Wow! Don’t know what happened but can see temp. clearly now.

    • switty

      Hi Bill, it might be the stream resolution. There are different settings on YouTube and “auto” on your end might default to a low resolution setting. It has been pretty consistently streaming at full 1080, so let me know if you have issues and I can see if I need to adjust the settings.

  54. Jason Sheffer

    Love this camera. I hope the trail holds up this week. I want to go riding this weekend.

    • switty

      Jason, it’s all gone…

  55. Bill


    For some reason I have a problem seeing the dial on your temperature on the post. When I get back to Gaylord I will have to see what I have in stock and perhaps we can get you a new one for the post. It will be my donation.


    • switty

      Bill, that would be awesome! The bigger the better. Although at night, the infrared might not pick up the needle. Next summer we probably will be moving the thermometer closer and adding a 2nd camera facing north.

  56. VJ Amore

    Groomer just went by trail cam

  57. Jim Fawcett

    Great trail cam, thanks

    • switty

      Thanks for checking in!

  58. Sherry

    I would love to see “big foot” walk across the path…

    • switty

      That would be awesome!

  59. VJ Amore

    Did they move the trampoline off the trail

    • switty

      Yep! I think it’s been gone for a while.

  60. Mary Roberts

    Hi Switty. Love seeing the elk at your house. πŸ™‚

    • switty

      Thanks! We may put a Livestream camera there too!

  61. Are you going to get out to the cam today and brush it off??

    • switty

      Looks to be all clean now! Thanks for checking in!

  62. Jody

    Hi everyone from Warren we got nothing for snow

    • switty

      Come on up! Thanks for checking in!

  63. Jill Moore

    Wish there was more action going on. Nice site will watch it. Thanks

    • switty

      Thanks! Usually the weekends are packed. Saturdays are best for the most sleds and groomer sightings.

  64. Eric

    Hello from Buffalo NY…Just found this cam over Christmas…Love it…I miss sledding…Have fun and be save everyone.
    Are there any other streaming trail cams?

    • switty

      Hi Eric, thanks for checking in. I am sure there are, but I don’t know of any that are directly streaming live on youtube. You can check out sites like or for some other cameras, but I don’t know if any of these have live streaming.

  65. JRS

    If you are riding trail 7 north of Gaylord there is a small (8-12) heard of Elk between Congdon and Parmater roads. They are on the east side of the trail 1/4 – 1/2 mile south of Parmater Rd hanging out in the picked corn field. When I last saw them they were about 150 yards from the trail. I hope they stay in the field and do not cross the trail.

    • Sherry

      Beautiful day to see the snowmobiles… I saw 5 right in front of the camera …be safe out there…

  66. Bill

    Wow! I told you guys it was going to be a large lake affect blizzard in the good old snow belt of Gaylord and the surrounding area but even I did not realize this one. Happy sledding everyone.

  67. Todd

    What are the trails like up there? Heading up in morning

    • switty

      We are getting, have been getting,and will continue to get hammered with snow tonight! The Gaylord area will end up with 13 to 18 inches of new snow from today and tonight! Trail 7 at the camera was groomed at 2:30 pm today and am sure it will continue to be groomed. It’s a great time to come up! Cold though! 5 degrees currently, with a wind chill of about -20.

      • Todd

        Thank you. We will be in Lewiston. Hope the trails over to Gaylord are good.

  68. Roxanna harvey

    Love this web cam We will be in Mancelona in two days. Keep that snow coming.

    • switty

      Perfect timing! We should get over a foot tomorrow!

    • Sherry

      switty ,stop and clear the snow from the camera please

      • switty

        Hi Sherry! I think the wind did it for us already! It’s blowing super hard right now! (Isn’t it a great problem to have… To have to clean off the snow from the camera!)

        • Sherry

          Thank you growing up in Rochester Hills area I don’t miss the snow. It’s beautiful to look at

  69. doug shepherd

    heading up after xmas come on snow ready to ride ohio guys Fredric bound

    • switty

      Frederick is great!

  70. Bill

    We are from Gaylord but winter in Tucson. Just talked to my son who is still in Gaylord and he said they are going to get slammed with lake effect very soon. SO if you are an outdoor person, get to it. He has ridden his sled all over the area already and said there are meny in the Gaylord doing so.

    • switty

      Thanks for checking in! More snow is always better!

    • Sherry

      Is the camera down this morning 12/22

      • switty

        Nope! It seems to be working consistently for the past 23 days.

  71. Ste

    What are all the light anomalies I saw between 19-45 -20-07.viewing from uk

    • switty

      Hi. The camera has an infrared setting at night. I think it is just the way the house lights in the distance show up with infrared. Thanks for checking in!

  72. Any chance of riding wed? I know it will be cold but did anything survive these 2 days?? Gaylord area is the target or anyspot with snow!

    • switty

      You can ride this Trail, it just might be thin in areas. Riding on the edges might be the best bet. We will get some flurries on Wednesday and then more snow Thursday and later.

      • Zach

        Is this trail open all the way up to mackinaw

        • switty

          Yes and no. There is enough snow to ride, but at Cheboygan, there is a detour for part of the trail on to a road due to a bridge bring deemed unsafe for this winter.

  73. VJ Amore

    Here we are December 18 and melting away..
    Bummed out….

    • Are u in that area?

    • switty

      I think the melting is done. And we do still have snow it is just hard to go on the roads in between Trails if that is needed. The trails will have enough snow to at least ride albeit pretty thin.

  74. Steve Swanson

    Seeing as how one can arrive at any destination more comfortably in a car, does it serve any purpose for snow machines to zoom by at 50 MPH, thus rendering it impossible to lift their eyes off of the narrow confines of the snow and trail unless endangering themselves and rendering impossible any enjoyment of nature and scenery except out of the corner of the eye?

    • switty

      Hi Steve. Thanks for posting. I guess everyone has their different interests in life! That’s what makes humans amazing! We all are different!

    • Ohio Family Riders

      Why would you even post a question like that? If you enjoy car rides, then do that and enjoy it. But most if not all people on this site enjoy the great outdoors during winter behind the handlebars of a snowmobile. A lot of people travel hours to enjoy this sport, my family and friends are some. I can only imagine you have never had the great experience of riding down a trail and enjoying that experience on a snowmobile, so please borrow, rent, or buy and try it. You just might enjoy the adventure.

  75. Tom

    Looking to ride the Gaylord area this year. Where is a good place to stay close to trails.

    Tom from Ohio

    • switty

      Lots of places to choose from in Gaylord. Mainline hotels, smaller motels, etc. If you want simple, clean, and across the street from the trails, I would recommend Check availability. MANY snowmobilers stay there for the great rate and are gone most of the day and do not need the amenities of the larger hotels.

    • Gary

      The Ridge.

    • Brad Zupan

      Benjamin’s Beaver Creek Resort

  76. Looking forward to returning as many times as I can. This is a great way to help anyone looking to head this way to sled! Thank you again for such a wonderful contribution! I have this bookmarked and I watch so I can see when conditions are right to go. Went up last weekend to explore, broke in my new sled and did the Harley ‘wave’ for your cam. I plan to do that every time I go by. It’s my new thing! Awesome!

    • switty

      Thank you Amber! So great you have found it on the trail! Happy sledding!

  77. Troy

    Working on building nearby next year!

    • switty

      Wow! Cool! Where is nearby?

  78. Zach

    Whats the trails looking like? We are headed up Wednesday. Hoping to be some decent riding,

    • switty

      We are getting constant snow this week so the base is starting to build! Still pretty fluffy, but plenty to ride!

      • Zach

        Thanks. What’s the weather look like next week?? Planning on being up Wednesday and stayin till Sunday’s. Thanks

        • switty

          It is warming up today and tomorrow, so that is not good! But, it is supposed to snow Thursday and Friday and as long as we don’t lose the base we currently have, riding should be “okay”. I was out this weekend and by night on Saturday, it was getting bumpy! Not enough snow yet for the groomer to knock down the mounds and level things off. But at least we can ride!

          • Zach Howell

            Thanks so much. We will be leaven Wednesday Mid Day. About a 5 hour drive for us. Do you anticipate losing the base? Looks like the warms isnt gonna be prolonged by the forecast

          • switty

            Hi Zach. I have a friend who works for the National Weather Service and I asked him about the weather/snow this week. Basically, Thursday it gets cold and snowy again, but with a chance of a quick (day or less) warm up with slushy to rainy this weekend, then plummeting temps to single digit highs around Christmas eve. Unfortunately, it is about 35-40 degrees here today and is killing the snow!

  79. Mazie

    Phenomenal view! Great to see the conditions and the depth meter is nice! Love tuning in throughout the day. Great ‘Zen’ moments, thanks to this cam!

    • switty

      We agree. Nothing better to make the day more enjoyable then hearing sleds pass!

  80. Courtney Gould

    Looking for a place to rest the head and park the sled? Look no further! This cabin located in Petoskey is just the place. Less than 1 mile from the snowmobile trail and just 25 minutes from Gaylord. Centrally located between Wolverine, Indian River, Boyne City and Petoskey, you can get anywhere from here! Full kitchen, water, electric, washer, dryer, DirecTV! Sleeps 8. $1500 a week, nightly rates available as well! Please PM, email, text or call 2318380914 for more details. Please SHARE this opportunity with friends!!

    • switty

      Thanks for sharing your cabin post Courtney.

  81. Greg Eichelberger

    The snow this morning looks like shooting stars. Thanks so much for keeping this camera active. I love it!

    • switty

      You are welcome Greg! We love the new camera!

  82. Jon Cottrell

    Thank you from Ohio ! Can’t wait to be there.

    • switty

      For sure! Get up and get riding!

    • Tim

      Thank you from Shanghai, China. Can’t wait to get home and on the trails for the next few weeks. love seeing the snow on the cam.

      • switty

        Thanks Tim! Have safe travels home! Glad you can check it out from the other side of the world!

  83. VJ Amore

    Looks like they groomed???

    • nick

      Groomer went through 6:36 am. The year has begun!!!!!

  84. Chris

    Awesome view. PLEASE keep it going this year.

    • switty

      We will try! We have done some work to make it more consistent, but I am at the mercy of the youtube rules so hoping it goes okay!

  85. Mike B

    I love this view! Used to be a Snowman cam man. Is’s not working anymore so this is how I am viewing Gaylord snow conditions now.

    • switty

      Thanks for watching!

    • nick

      Groomer went through 6:36 am. The year has begun!!!!!

  86. Angie Born


  87. Sky is so green looks like northern lights.

    • Sherry

      I was watching today when two guys stopped their snowmobiles and waved. Have you ever seen wild animals on the video? The sky is greenish tonight.

      • switty

        Mostly only birds interested in the lens of the camera.

      • John G

        That was me on the blue sled

        • Sherry

          Be careful out there !! Thanks for waving it made me smile

  88. Brian L

    Thank you so much for this camera with the microphone. When I have to work and can’t be up in Gaylord, I’m working away at my computer with this site minimized all day until I hear sleds coming. It’s amazing how far away you can here them! Keeps me connected to my favorite winter destination when I can’t be there. Thanks again!

    • switty

      For sure! Glad you can watch!

  89. Brian L

    WOW! I was just thinking…that tree could use a little trimming and the next thing I see is someone climbing a ladder trimming the tree! Thank You so much.

    • switty

      We have been meaning to do it for quite some time. Why not wait until it is snowy and cold to do it? πŸ˜‰ It makes it difficult to see at night with the infrared.

  90. Ohio Family Riders

    Love the camera and all your efforts……thank you from Ohio

    • switty

      You are welcome! Thanks for checking in. Looks like we get to start riding!

  91. See any sleds yet ??

    • John

      seen 6!

    • John

      I was on there at 13:30 today stopped and waved

  92. VJ Amore

    All that snow
    No tracks???

    • switty

      There are tracks! We made some!

      • Chip

        Hey Joe & Brian it’s your cousin Chip. Who is Switty, Joe or Brian. I’ll be watching

        • switty

          Hi Chip! I guess that will remain a mystery! πŸ˜‰

  93. Brian

    woohoo ! thank you for the camera !

    • switty

      For sure! I went for a quick ride up to Vanderbilt to get gas. Not groomed yet, but lots if snow!

      • Chip

        Hey Joe & Brian it’s your cousin Chip. Who is Switty, Joe or Brian. I’ll be watching

  94. How does the grooming work when do they go out is it by the amount of snow how does it work when do they go on the trail ??

    • nick

      Groomers will start the season panning{packing} if they get above 8″ to establish a good base. During the season most counties will groom 6 days a week as long as the temps hold up. Nice thing about this site is you can rewind the camera on you tube and watch the groomer go by at night. Pretty cool

  95. But how does it work with grooming when do thyou y do it or is about the amount of snow how does grooming work when do they go out and do the trails ??

  96. Looks like we’re in for a big snowstorm and snow all week ❄️

    • switty

      Let’s hope so! I see the camera needs to be brushed off, which is a great thing!

  97. Kathryn

    Nice. Sounds like the snow is coming shortly. Thanks for having this camera. I check from the GR area all the time before we head up on the weekends. Love it.

    • switty

      For sure. Thanks for checking in!

  98. Vincenzo Amore II

    Thanks for the cam.
    Let it snow

    • switty

      Let it snow! Yes! Let it snow!

  99. Not such a snowy December 1 like you wanted sadly

    • switty

      Sadly for sure! Let’s go weather! Bring us some snow!

  100. Will the detour make it so the sleds go by the cam

    • switty

      The washout is a couple of miles north of the camera, so it would not affect going by the camera or not.

      • nick

        followed the link to facebook pic. Any progress on the washout fix ?

        • switty

          The trail is fixed! We took a picture a couple of days ago. Now we just need snow!

          • nick

            where’s the pic located at?

          • nick


          • nicholas kurdziel

            Thank you for the pic,I’ll post it

          • switty

            For sure!

    • Sherry

      I watch your trail from south Florida. We heard a dog baking last night and my dog started barking. Thank you for sharing the beauty of Michigan..

      • switty

        That’s awesome! Thanks for checking in! The dog that was barking was probably Baxter, a Golden retriever. πŸ™‚

  101. Will the wash out affect the trail on webcam

    • switty

      It is supposed to be fixed by December 1, so hopefully not! If it is not fixed by then, the detour will not be too bad or long as there are roads close by to travel on.

  102. Scott Trojan

    I look at this camera often to check on snow conditions. If things look good I try to plan a trip right away, and if I have planned one already I check to make sure it hasn’t melted. Thanks for putting this up, and keeping it up! Scott – North Webster, Indiana and his buddies

    • switty

      Thanks Scott! We enjoy it, so glad you do too!

  103. nick

    have they fixed the washed out trail yet?

    • switty

      It doesn’t look like it, yet. Check out and you will see a post from Nov. 15 with a picture of the culvert that is to be installed. You may want to see the post from Nov. 18 as well regarding a re-route in Cheboygan due to a bridge closure. It looks like we will be able to use the trail all the way to Mackinaw city, but it won’t all be the normal trail.

    • nick


  104. Scott

    Love having this cam to check on snow and see riders going by thanks for having it

    • switty

      You’re welcome! Thanks for checking in!

  105. Kurt S

    Great cam for checking out snow conditions! Fun to watch the riders go by and check out all the types of sleds. Gotta love winter!

    • switty

      If you don’t love it, you’re gonna hate it! The more anyone can get out and enjoy it, the more fun winter is!

  106. joe frost

    we cant wait to come up the boys from ( the shop ) in espyville pa love the web cam

    • switty

      Thank you! Hoping to update the site before Dec. 1 to include weather, on the spot trail reports, cached pics and video!

  107. John

    Looks like a good start can’t wait

    • switty

      Let’s hope so!

  108. Angie Born

    Yeah it’s up!! Started watching early 2017. Gotta new sled & can’t wait to bring it to mi. Love keeping track of weather on cam 7

    • switty

      Thanks! We hope to add back some info to help people decide to come up or not! Thanks for checking in!

  109. lets getum fired up I’m ready 2 1200 crosscountry ski doos let it snow here comes the ohio boys

    • switty

      Let’s hope this snow stays for good!

  110. Seester #5

    Can you put your comment box on the top of the page?

    • switty

      Everybody’s a critic…. πŸ˜‰

  111. Chronos

    Trail walk in Ohio. Fun to see a trail cam on the Tube!

    • switty


  112. Pat

    Ready to see the white on the cam!!!

    • switty

      Yes for sure!

  113. Roger

    Al Right !!! Snowing already,, let it freeze hard, get the base going,, I can’t wait to make my trips from Tn. to the great white North !!! I’m a Gander that loves skiing and snowmachining

    • switty

      That’s awesome!

  114. King Bros. Great Sled Adventures

    Awesome can’t wait!

    • switty

      One month to go!

  115. Flying tigers snowmobile club thanks you in providing us this camera again this year

    • switty

      Thanks! Hoping to keep it more consistent this year and give weather and trail updates!

  116. I have been a fan of your Trail Cam from it’s inception! Rent a house south of Gaylord for 6 months, just for snowmobiling! Live in Ohio and spend as much time there as possible during those months. One of the first things I do each morning from now through March, is check the Trail 7 Camera. Thank you.

    • switty

      Great! Thank you for checking it out! Hoping to give trail and weather updates as we live just 1.5 miles from the camera now. I actually run the trail when there is not snow on it! πŸ™‚

  117. nick

    HOW far are u from the trail washout?

    • switty

      About 3 1/2 miles south of there. Have not had a chance to check it out yet. Hoping it is fixed by December 1!

  118. Dave

    Seen this camera set up a month ago while southbound on the trail. Thought for a second, is that the trail cam I’ve been watching? Turns out it was! Thanks for doing this. Nice to see it when I’m back home in NY wishing I was on my machine.

    • switty

      Hi Dave, glad you are enjoying the camera! Looks like the season is over, but we can dream snowy dreams until a hopefully snow filled December 1!

      • Bill

        As a former Michigander now living in Florida, I love the cam! We have a vacation home in Lewiston and get up there once or twice each winter for some snowmobiling. This camera is great for checking the conditions, and getting fired up for some fun!

        • switty

          Glad you found the camera!

  119. ken Moorhouse

    this is a bang up idea and really cool. hope to see it in person one day soon. it gives me joy to see actual wind blowing and sleds passing by.thanks again Ken from millington,mi.

    • switty

      You’re welcome! It has been a nice addition to have an HD camera to see the snow detail. πŸ™‚

    • ken Moorhouse

      just saw the groomer go by a moment ago, then a sled going the other way. this is sooo cool. I will be going by there myself tomorrow. awsome, thanks again Ken

  120. angie born

    OMG I LOVE IT!! Found by accident. It’s so cool hearing the birds, dogs, and sleds lol. I wish they would put these up all over the lower and upper, just in key places. Then us poor slobs in Ohio would know weather its worth making the trip or not. I can’t stop watching…even think I cried a little knowing I’m sitting here, not up there. It’s really awesome thanks to all that put forth the effort.

    • switty

      You’re welcome! Hoping in the summer we get a 2nd camera facing north. Yes, I would agree with the “poor slobs in Ohio” comment but not because you are not up here snowmobiling. There is a certain university that we don’t like very much from ohio. πŸ˜‰

      • angie born

        LOL thx for the Ohio, Michigan banter

        • switty

          All in good fun! We snowmobile crazies stick together regardless of location!

  121. rozzy

    looking at the new snow today makes me wish this was Dec 1st, Not March 1st!

    Thanks for the New Cam

    • switty

      Yes! Could still get out riding though! Let’s hope for a full winter March!

  122. MarcL

    What kind of Camera are you using? Wouldn’t mind seeing if I could get one setup on Trail 30 near Farwell.

  123. brian

    awesome camera view, thank you very !

    • switty

      Glad you like it!

  124. Nothing like a live trail report!!! Excellent good can’t wait for the other (old) camera. Will the old one still move when you get it up next year? Thanks again!!!

    • switty

      Hi John, we hope to put up the old camera, or a new camera, with or without movement. There is a significant cost difference once you add the movement, so we will see. The old camera works, but needs some TLC!

  125. Vince

    Any other cams you like??

    • Smokey

      I have not found any other live cams on snow trails.

  126. Smokey

    This is awesome, I actually found this on my firestick tv through a kodi app the other night, thought it was In a different country so I got on the internet and did a search and found that it is in the Gaylord area on trail 7, as we try to ride that area once a year. some times I just leave it on all day so I can here the sleds fly by and wish I was up there riding being We have had no snow this year here in northern Indiana. This also gives us a good idea of how the trails are up there as well. I am sitting here watching this right now 2pm 2/12/2017 and you guys are getting some good snowfall heavy wind and I am setting here looking out my window at sunshine 50 degrees and green grass grinding my teeth. Wish there was one of these live cams with sound on trail 8 between Paradise and Pine stump as we like to ride that area as well. We Love riding up north.
    Thanks for the live cam.

  127. Janet

    I can’t ride this year and your cam has allowed me ‘to be out there’ when my loved ones fly by. AWESOME CAM!! You have done a great job!!! Love the sound!!

    • switty

      Thanks! Glad you are able to enjoy it!

  128. Bill

    Awesome cam! Great location too which is rare . It’s hilarious when people know the camera is there, and they make all kinds of gestures driving past….Including myself.

    • switty

      Ha! It’s fun to watch people who see the camera.

  129. Rich

    Awesome smitty, I have a place in houghton lake but I like to see snowfall totals there too.. love the cam and audio

  130. David C

    very cool! I will be there with the family on Feb 18th

    • switty

      Hoping the snow stays for a while longer!

  131. Patrick

    Nice! I’d like to see one of these in Lakes of the North

    • switty

      That would be great!

  132. vince

    wish there were more of these

    • switty

      That would be great! Mostly the issue is location. It just happens to work for where this camera is.

  133. Thanks for having this! Sure is giving me the sledding fever! Heading back up from IN tomorrow!

    • switty

      You’re welcome! It’s been a decent year at least in Gaylord!

  134. Brent

    Great idea, thanks!

    • switty

      Thank you for visiting!

  135. Travis

    Great idea! Very cool


    Love the Cam were about is this on trail #7 looks like Vanderbilt ?

    • switty

      It is just about 3.5 miles north of M-32 in Gaylord on Trail 7. At night you will see a light on. (most of the time)

      • Jon

        thank you so much for keeping this going… it is nice to sit and watch it and imagine being there when you cant be…. lol thank you

        • switty

          I agree! Some people look at me oddly when I show them the camera. They say “so that’s it?” They just don’t get it and probably never will. #snowmobileblood

  137. Awesome cam!

    • switty

      Thank you!

  138. Yvonne Rosell

    Great!!! Thank you

  139. Craig


  140. Nick

    Please let me know when “steve” is on the trails. I will stay home. Drinking and driving isn’t acceptable in our society. Ride all day have fun and drink when your sled is parked for the night. Love the open mic with the cam.

  141. Nick

    Awesome camera day or night. Need more through out the trails. Great job!!

    • switty

      Thanks! We hope to have the old camera setup this summer in the same location but facing north.

  142. Steve

    What kind of rules or Laws are they on trails about drinking etc.? Also what kind of emergency help like rescue squads on snowmobiles in case a ” serious” accident would occur are you required to have a registration so that you would be known that your out on a trail and check out when done using?

    • switty

      Hi Steve. Many of the rules are the same as for cars. The blood alcohol limit is the same. If you cannot drive a car, you are not allowed to drive a snowmobile. In terms of help on the trails, there is not a system to know who is out on the trail and where. Typically it is not advised to snowmobile alone for this reason. It is always best to have a riding buddy! And who wouldn’t want to go riding!? πŸ™‚

  143. Charlie Brown

    This is so coll I love snow.

    • switty

      Thanks! Hope you can get out to ride the trails some time!

  144. lou

    love the new cam thank you so very much

    • switty

      Thanks! It is much better image and having it stream through youtube makes it much more accessible! Glad you like it!

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