Aug 02

Camera is Working! :)

Hi Everyone, just a quick note to let you know the camera is working again. It will be back up on the trail before winter. The best part is that it was a no cost/low cost fix! :) Have a great rest of the summer. Bring on the snow!


Apr 22

Camera Down

Hi Everyone. Sorry for the inconvenience, but the camera has been taken down due to some sort of failure. We will work to get it back up by winter 2014-2015. It might need replacing. If you are inclined to donate to a new camera (approximately $700 for a similar camera), send us a message on the site. Thanks for understanding, Brian.

Feb 16

Great weekend of riding

I hope you all got out and did some riding this weekend, we had great weather.  Might get some rain later on in the week but it could also be snow.  If you get a chance to stop in Gaylord go downtown and see the Ice tree.  It is the biggest that most people can remember.  I have been making it for the last 5 years and I changed the spray pattern and with it being so cold it has really gotten big.  It even has a tunnel in one of the wings.    You can also bring your ice skates to use on the ice rink on the other half of the Courthouse lawn.   Hope to see you there.  Joe

Jan 22

What A Great Winter!

What a great winter it has been for riding! I remember two years ago, we were moving into a new house on February 1st and it was 52 degrees and dry! This year has been truly a winter for the books! Hope everyone is able to get out and ride as much as they want this winter. Thank you for checking out the site and stopping by the camera on the trail. Be safe! Brian

Dec 26

Riding is Perfect – Where are You?

If you are not up riding, you are missing perfect conditions! Get up here! I recommend the deep fried Portobello mushroom’s at Rascal Jakk’s, just south of Vanderbilt, right on the trail. So good! See you there! We hope to have resolved the internet issues. Let’s see what happens over the next few days.

Dec 24

Merry Christmas everyone

The snow is beautiful this morning at -14f.  The trails are looking good but if you go off them the fields are all fluff so go fast.  It did not take long before I got stuck on my parent’s farm.  Will be playing there all day with the family (about 40 people for dinner).  Gaylord has just over 88 inches so far this year, that is 40 more then normal at this time.  We have more then any other town in nothern MI and most of the UP.  The Nationl Weather Service has the totals on their facebook page, just have to scrool down to see the chart on their page.  Joe

Dec 18

Great weekend to ride right before Christmas

The trails are looking good and not to torn up.  It is good to see the sleds and I hope to be out this weekend.  Been busy plowing everyday.

Had some problems with my internet the past couple of weeks.  That is why the camera did not work all the time, hope it is all good now.   Glad everyone is enjoying the site.   Joe

Nov 30

2014 Season Is Upon Us!

Hey everyone! The season is here! Even have had few sleds on the trails! Not recommended unless you want a ticket and bad PR, but good to see tracks! Tomorrow hopefully we will have some snow to go ride the trails! The pictures have been cleaned up so check the “Images” tab to see if any activity on the trail has happened. Happy riding!

Feb 08

Great weekend to ride

This should be a great weekend to ride.  We got some new snow and the weather looks like it is going to be perfect.  I was on the trail the other day and there was plenty of snow and it was pretty smooth.  

If you have time you can stop in at the Alpenfrost festival downtown Gaylord.  It is only 1 block from the trail and it runs from 9 am to 3 pm.  Food, games, ice skating and more.    Joe

Jan 30

Rain stopping and new snow

Well the rain melted a lot of snow but it has stopped now.  We might be getting 2-12 inches of snow by Friday night and it could be good ridding again by this weekend. 

I also take care of the ice rink in downtown Gaylord and it should be ready to skate on by this weekend, so come into town and check it out and the ice tree.  You can see the ice tree on the county website at

Coming up on Feb 9th we will have Alpenfrost downtown Gaylord.  Information at